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Service Fees

Service Name Rate Rate - Other
Application Fee 20.00
Collection Trip Charge 35.00
Customer Outage Fee (Customer Caused) - After Hours 150.00
Customer Outage Fee (Customer Caused) - Business Hours 50.00
Damages 0.00 Time & Material
Deposits - Disconnected for Non-Payment 0.00 A deposit is required and determined by management.
Deposits - New Customer 200.00 No deposit required with adequate credit reference from your current or prior utility company and credit report.
Line Extension to New Customer 0.00 No free allowance. Full estimated cost of extension service connection fees apply.
Membership Fee 0.00
Meter Socket Removal and Reconnection for Residing 0.00 No charge with 3 days prior notice. Please contact office with advance notice.
Meter Tamper 0.00 Determined by management.
Meter Test Fee 25.00
NSF Check Fee 25.00
Reconneciton Charge - After Hours 125.00
Reconnect within 12 months - Same Name 0.00 Sum of avoided monthly service charges, plus Reconnect Fee & Application Fee.
Reconnection Charge - Business Hours 50.00