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Renewable Programs

Renewable Programs

Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative is committed to providing a balanced energy supply that is reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible. As such we have been working with our power supplier, Dairyland Cooperative, to offer the Evergreen renewable energy program. The Evergreen project was launched in 1998. This program was created for Dairyland's electric cooperative members. Dairyland's members distribute the renewable energy to their consumers who are participants of the Evergreen program. Consumers can voluntarily support renewable energy through this program, with only a slight increase in their monthly electric bill.

What forms of renewable energy make up Evergreen? Dairyland's diverse "green" portfolio includes wind, landfill gas-to-energy and animal waste-to-energy. Dairyland also supplies renewable energy to member cooperatives from their 22 MW Flambeau Hydro Station near Ladysmith, Wis.

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