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Tree and Brush Clearing

Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative conducts trees and brush clearing along the right-of-way of distribution lines to provide safe and reliable electric service. This is a legal right and responsibility of the Cooperative.

Tree and brush clearing is an essential part of the Cooperative's service. The Cooperative tries to control trees and brush at an early stage of development before they interfere with lines. Keeping the trees and brush at a low level will decrease outages due to natural growth interference. The Cooperative regrets the need to cut trees and brush. It is hoped that members understand the need to cut or trim some of their trees or why we require objects in the right-of-way be relocated.

Please contact the Cooperative office before attempting to cut trees close to power lines. We will honor your request to cut trees in the right-of-way area.

Solve a Problem Before it Grows into a Bigger One-Please do not plant trees close to power lines! The right-of-way boundaries are located 25 feet on each side of the centerline of the primary power lines that pass through your property. Once a tree grows it can cause numerous problems including:

* Safety hazards for those who might touch the tree/shrub if it were in contact with the line(s) which carry at least 7,200 volts of energy
* Potential fire hazards from contact of tree/shrub with high voltage electricity
* Wasted electricity by trees/shrubs drawing power from the wire to the ground
* Obstruction of the line for inspection and maintenance
* Blinking lights caused by tree/shrub in contact with electric lines
* Potential outages resulting from trees or limbs growing into power lines

Spraying Brush

Occasionally, the Cooperative finds it necessary to spray the brush in the right-of-way under the power lines. This is done during the summer months. If your property is on the schedule for spraying brush, you will be contacted by mail prior to the spraying. If you do not want us to spray on your property, please respond in writing by the deadline listed in the letter.

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