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What to do if your power goes out:
Check your fuses or circuit breakers. This is important because if Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative responds to an outage call and the trouble is with your own electric service, you could be charged for a service call.
If all the lights are off, call your neighbors to determine whether or not they have power.
Call Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative to report the outage (715-239-6800 or 800-300-6800).
Leave one (1) switch on so you'll know when power is restored.
Note sparks, a loud noise, or trees and limbs on the power lines. This will help your cooperative get to the source of the outage quickly.
Stay away from downed power lines and call CVEC with information regarding problems with the lines.
Have emergency supplies on hand (candles, matches, flashlights, etc).

Partial Power: Outages
Loss of power in certain areas can mean an open breaker or fuse. This is an indication of an overload or defective appliance. When the cause is found you should replace the fuse or reset the breaker. Because our responsibility does not extend beyond the meter, it may be necessary to seek the help of an electrician.
What about perishable food during an outage?
To help prevent food loss during extended outages, keep the refrigerator or freezer doors closed as much as possible. Most refrigerators will preserve food for 12-24 hours and freezers will do the job for a longer period of time. Fuller refrigerators or freezers will also keep food cold longer. Placing blocks of ice in the refrigerator or freezer and wrapping blankets around your appliances can help prevent food loss during extended outages. The refrigerator should not rise above 40°F for more than two hours. If restoration of your power will be a few days, you may want to find another place to store your perishables.

Life Support
It is important that Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative knows if you or someone in your home depends on life-support equipment. We'll give you priority in the event of an outage or other emergency and try to keep you advised of extended or planned outages.
If a family member relies on this type of equipment, please contact us at 800-300-6800 or

How the Power is Restored in a Major Storm
(See the diagram below)
Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative strives to restore outages safely and as quickly as possible.
Substations are worked on first. Replacing a substation fuse can restore many customers.
Major distribution lines are repaired next. Tree removed from the main distribution line - would restore power to House #2 & House #3.
After the major lines and substations are fixed, the tree would be removed from the tap line - this would restore power to House #4.
Then individual service lines would be repaired - restoring power to Houses #1 & #5.
While restoring power we keep track of those on our medical/critical alert list to expediate their restoration.

How the Power is Restored in a Major Storm

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