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Chippewa Valley Electric as a member of the Dairyland Power system has a number of load control options available to help keep your electricity costs down. These include water heater controls, air condition controls and our dual fuel program.

The water heater program controls the electric water heater during peak times. Keeping electrical appliances off peak contribute to keeping the Cooperative's wholesale power costs down. For letting the Cooperative control their water heater, the member receives a $3.00 monthly credit on their electric bill.

The air conditioner control is similar to the water heating program in that a control is installed on the central air unit. The unit is then controlled during the summer peaking times to keep wholesale peak charges down. Two options are available for the air conditioner control as the account may partake in the dual fuel program. See the air conditioner page for more information

The Dual Fuel/Off-Peak Program was implemented by Dairyland Power Cooperative and Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative as a way to cut your heating costs and help the Cooperative manage load.
The Dual Fuel Program combines electric heat with an automatic backup heating source. The backup heat is implemented when the electric heat is being controlled during "peaking times." By controlling electricity during peak periods, the costs associated from high demand are avoided and the electricity can be sold at a lower price.
See the Dual Fuel/Off-Peak page for more information

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