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Holiday LED Lighting Rebate

Chippewa Valley Electric in conjunction with Dairyland Power Cooperative will be providing a $2.00 per per string rebate for holiday LED lights purchased through the end of 2012, or until funds, by incentive or in total are depleted. The rebate form must be submitted to the Cooperative office by January 3, 2013 for lights purchased in 2012. However, CVEC encourages members to submit rebate form and receipts as soon as items are purchased and installed to unsure rebate. There is a 12 string limit on the number of rebates allowed per account. The rebate is issued as a credit on the electric bill. Last year we issued rebates for over 950 LED lighting strings. We hope to see good member participation this year.

  • LED stands for "Light Emitting Diode". LED lights have a number of advantages over conventional lighting
  • Energy-efficient - .08 watts per LED C7 multicolor bulb (compared to .48 watts for an incandescent mini-light and 6.0 watts for a standard incandescent C7 bulb
  • Long Life span - up to 100,000 hours or more used indoors, half that outdoors and some manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Safety - no chance of combustion since the bulbs are cool to the touch regards of how long they are on.
  • Sturdy bulbs - the epoxy lenses are virtually indestructible.
  • Chippewa Valley Electric and our power supplier, Dairyland Power Cooperative, have joined to offer this rebate in hopes of reducing the additional electrical load created by holiday lighting. In the past Dairyland Power Cooperative has estimated the holiday light load to be approximately 60 Megawatts, or 60,000 kwh each hour that all the holiday lights are on during the holiday season. The LED lights use approximately 85% less electricity so if all holiday lights were converted to LED's Dairyland's seasonal lighting load could be reduced by 51 Megawatts.

    We have provided a copy of the rebate form that you can print out, fill out and return with the original dated receipt.

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